Arash Sohrabi

Arash showed interest from early childhood in construction while spending his free time with his dad on the construction sites. His interest in details, function and beauty of living spaces encouraged him to enroll in the Interior Design Diploma program at BCIT. While studying part time, he started his career as a project manager and interior designer for a residential and commercial renovation company. This valuable experience allowed him to master his space planning, resource management, time and financial management, and material selection skills.

 Soon after graduation, Arash decided to continue his academic study into Construction Management degree program at BCIT. His creative eyes for design details and his construction knowledge allowed him to think about the design aspects of projects from the early stages of construction, while keeping the functionality and feasibility of the details in mind. With over a decade of experience, Arash believes a key to create a beautiful space is to learn from the nature and create a harmony in any design concept.








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