Whether you are considering a luxury brand new residential development or a simple condo renovation, Cube 4 has the expertise and team to deliver your project successfully.

Since we are in direct contact with you throughout the process, we will treat you to the individual care and attention you deserve. No compromises. No excuses. Just the highest quality one-on-one experiences that ensure the process of building your future reality is an absolute pleasure.Depending on the type of project and client’s requirements, Cube 4 offers two different contract formats:



As a Construction Manager, Cube 4 starts early in the design phase by assisting the client with recommending and selecting the right design consultants for the project. An estimate of the costs based on the design during pre-construction phase will be provided.Once the design is ready for construction and appropriate permits are in place, Cube 4 gathers several quotes from different trades for each scope of work. Each quote is discussed with the client, and with the client’s approval, a contract is awarded.

Throughout construction, Cube 4 will monitor and coordinate all phases of construction closely and will hold regular meetings with the client to discuss progress, budget, and any requested changes. Upon completion, Cube 4 will walk through with the client to make sure project is completed to client’s full satisfaction and to correct any possible deficiencies. Clients can always rely on Cube 4 being available and committed to their projects even years after completion. Construction management contracts are typically entered into on a “cost plus” basis.


Cube 4 performs services as a General Contractor in projects for which the design is complete with enough details to price out the entire project as a lump sum amount. This service is suitable for clients who would like to have a contract with Cube 4 to construct the project for a fixed amount. The client is still fully informed of construction progress and can rely on Cube 4 hiring the best team for the project, however, they’re not required to be involved with decisions regarding trades selection. As a licensed residential builder, Cube 4 offers a 2-5-10 year home warranty on new construction projects.